Our Approach

At Decor By Daniela, Our client satisfaction comes to us from utilizing the fundamentals of our
design process. We take it step by step, with a hands-on method, while keeping open
communication with our clients. This helps keep our process seamless and stress free, while
maintaining design intent and ensuring a successful project

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Our Perspective

We have traveled to more than 25 countries around the world to gain knowledge and gather inspiration from many various culture’s unique design aesthetics. We had the amazing opportunity to gain a unique and diversified eye to the approach of design and decor that we are excited to bring to your home. Our driving force is the satisfaction knowing that we made a positive impact in someone’s life through creating a space that is a direct reflection of their lifestyle and values.

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Our Expertise

Décor By Daniela is happy to showcase our experience and recognition in the industry via:
ASID- American Society of Interior Designers
Fashion Institute Design Merchandising
First Place in FCCLA 2014 National Interior Designer Awards.

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