Hi I'm Daniela - An Award Winning Designer.

Daniela Szakacs is an Arizona native who moved to Los Angeles five years ago to pursue her love for interior design. She was awarded best interior designer in a national competition while she was in high school which led her to being offered a scholarship to go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Downtown Los Angeles. Here she began to take the required courses to receive her professional interior design degree. Daniela is a very driven, dedicated, and creative young woman who thinks outside of the box which helps her ideas and designs come to life.
Although her personal style is a mix of mid century modern and contemporary, when Daniela walks into a room and talks to a client, she can immediately envision how she will bring that room to life no matter what style the customer prefers.

From start to finish Daniela is a designer who listens to what the client needs and wants for their space. She uses clean lines and neutrals while adding pops of color to make a space look dramatic yet modern at the same time which creates a timeless effect.

Daniela’s love for the design process really shows in her work. She loves to sit down with her clients to discuss the details of their style, this also helps her to get to know their personality, which is an aid to complete the unique space. Just in her first draft of designs, you can tell that she puts a lot of time and effort into creating a space that will be functional for your every day life.

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